We appreciate our clients and always do our best to treat you well. Please tell us about your experience at Cutting Crew. Below you will find some reviews from those who have joined us. Feel free to send us your comments, post them on our Facebook page, or write a review on Yelp!

Went in on a Thursday to create highlights on my hair and Kim was my hairstylist! I did not have to wait at all since it was a quiet weekday. We sat down and discussed what I wanted for a few minutes before beginning. He also gave me some professional advice on his part and the result was amazing. He did an excellent job and paid thorough attention to details. I would highly recommend Cutting Crew to anyone out there because you can put your entire trust on them to do a fabulous job!
Tip: If you do not like to wait, schedule a weekday appointment. Weekends can get crowded- information from my stylist ūüôā via Yelp

Emily T. - Brooklyn, NY

I went there for the first time today and got a cut and color (by Kim). I am really happy with both and would recommend him/Cutting Crew. Here’s why:

1. Super convenient
I was able to make a same-day appointment.

2. Kim was cool.
He was a really nice guy and easy to talk to. This isn’t a priority for me with stylists but it’s a very nice–and notable–bonus quality since (with the coloring especially) you spend a good chunk of time together and in close proximity. He spent a lot of time on my hair and paid nonstop attention to what he was doing. Despite my appointment being several hours long, I never once felt rushed.

3. I liked his direction and trusted his professional opinion.
After I told him the gist of what I wanted–for color: go dark brunette (from hombre blonde)/for cut: keep the length, add bangs–Kim went with it and added specifically what he would do (i.e. ¬†long bangs to side).

4. No surprises with the execution. Happy with results.
He did not veer from his plans and he kept me in the loop along the way. I loved the color immediately and as it dried I loved it more. It’s natural but not boring.

5. Crazy $ value.
I realized toward the end of my appointment that I had never asked for rates and was a bit nervous imagining how much it could potentially be. When I heard the total, I couldn’t help but clarify…”for both cut AND color?” What I paid for both services at Cutting Crew would barely cover the cost of the color alone at my old salon (Dvir in Boerum Hill…love that place too, but it’s double the cost).

Definitely going back, it was a seriously great find! via Yelp

Kendra F. - Brooklyn, NY

This place is a seriously fantastic find. Went in to make an appointment and they were able to do my cut/color that afternoon! I went from blond-ombr√© to dark grey and it took 4 hours but the whole process was a charm. Kim was super attentive and I’ve honestly never had a haircut as meticulous as this. Not only do they give an excellent haircut and understand color, the price is amazing. One of the best Brooklyn discoveries yet!

Before and after! The colour is more of a dark grey than a brown but it is really hard to capture.
Before and after! The colour is more of a dark grey than a brown but it is really hard to capture.
Back of the cut.
Back of the cut.

Emma L. - Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, NY

If you want your hair cut to be perfect, go to this place. Hands down best place I’ve ever seen! via Google Review

Florgent Agolli

Always a great experience. Very personable and meticulous guys who work here and really know their way around hair. I usually ask for Joe. He’s very friendly and great with men haircuts. via Google Review

Jeff Wang

I was nervous heading in, I wasn’t sure if there would be a language barrier. Everyone spoke English fluently. Very friendly, very clean. I was told the price up front which was refreshing.
Nick did a fabulous job and I am so happy I finally found my neighborhood hair salon! via Yelp

Vivie S. - Brooklyn, NY

Nic is a great stylist and colorist.  He knows what he is doing and he focus on making you look good. I have to say that all the staff are like that. They are well trained and will spend time with you. They do not push products or treatments. The place is really nice. Minimalistic decor but cozy. They always have some sort of easy going music playing on the back. This relaxes you and makes you enjoy your time at the salon even more. If you ask Nic or any of the stylists about products, they know what they are talking about. Is a great place to have your hair done and to relax a bit. via Yelp

P L. - New York, NY

This is the best hair salon I’ve been to in Brooklyn! My hair stylist is very meticulous and truly aims for exactly what you have in mind. Unlike the other hair salons, they take their time and try to reach all your expectations. What’s best about them is that they LISTEN to what you what and also offer some suggestions. I dyed and cut my hair for an extremely reasonable price. The salon is small but is very new and modern. It’s quite inconvenient for me to travel to, but I’m sure I’ll be back anyway. via Yelp

Elle C. - New York, NY

Nic colored, cut and styled my hair, and I could not have been more satisfied. He was very meticulous, and gave great tips on how to add more volume to my hair and what to do/not to do when caring for my hair daily. Other businesses want to get you in and out, but this place takes their time and gives you the attention that you deserve as a customer. I highly recommend this place. via Yelp

Annmary Y. - Brooklyn, NY

This place caught my eye with the design of its sign and modern feel of the salon itself. I read the reviews on here and since they were all positive I decided to give it a try. Since this was my first visit I showed my stylist, Kim, a photo of what I wanted. 40 minutes later, I had the exact hairstyle I wanted. He took his time and paid close attention to detail. If it’s your first time going here id recommend bringing a photo of what you want and I’m sure they can recreate it. I highly recommend this place.¬†via Yelp

Michael L. - Missouri City, TX

My first review to say: May took time and care and gave me a really great cut. We communicated fairly well about what I was looking for and her cut is perhaps better than what I had in mind. I would definitely go back. Bring a picture if you really want to be sure you’re on the same page, or let her use her judgement, she did well by me! via Yelp

Zoe S. - Brooklyn, NY

This is a great place to get a hair for guys despite it being called a stylist. One young stylist gave me a haircut and he was attentive. He spent a great deal of time cutting my hair and discussed wih me about the haircut I had previously and how it was flawed because it was uneven. He used scissors to cut my hair, paying attention to minute details all over my head and made sure my hair is cut short evenly and appear neat and natural. The price is $16, not including the tips, was really worth it. He put full effort in cutting my hair, he did not just use ¬†clippers to run through my head quickly and tell me it’s done and when I check my mirror at home and see that it needs work. via Yelp

kenny z. - Brooklyn, NY

Was searching for a good hair salon that does great colors and cut. Came across this hair salon and decided to try it out and it was excellent. Walked in on a Friday afternoon around 7pm and one of the staff greeted me, luckily they were still able to take me. So sat me right away. Kim attended me. He was very attentive and friendly explaining to me the colors I wanted and what it will be like and very honest letting me know which color to get and don’t get for my hair and don’t have to spend that much. Unlike other places will tell you to do the ones that costs more. He explained step by step of where he’s gonna apply the hair color. Kim cut, colored, washed and styled my hair. Excellent job. He took his time and checked my hair color through out the whole process. Thanks Kim! A very Modern place and clean with friendly staffs with a reasonable price. Will go back again and might try out the ombr√© bayalage style. via Yelp

Isaa Q. - Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY

Walked in today and the lady assigned me a seat. The hair stylist Joe was my stylist. I showed him the highlights that I wanted and the style. He gave me a few suggestions. He was focus in what he was doing. He spoke English and Cantonese fluently. The price is extremely good for the services that you get. They don’t overcharge you. The hairstylist was professional at what he was doing and the results were amazing. Definitely my place to go from now on. via Yelp

Pam W. - New York, NY

I’ve been there several times and tried three different stylists, they are nice and young, but they are also very professional. They are not like other stylists, they listen to my concerns and they also give me some professional advice. They are very patient which’s great because I am very picky. The hair cuts come out very nice. I got a lot of compliments very time I walk out the salon. Highly recommended!! via Yelp

Misaki M. - Brooklyn, NY

The first time I went to visit this place was excellent. The crew was very polite and I mentioned what I wanted and showed them the picture to have a better idea. Once the woman observed me, she went one washing and cutting my hair which turned out better than expected! I live in Queens but I don’t mind traveling all the way there to get my haircut ūüėČ

U guys are awesome!! via Testimonial Input Form

Roger Gonzalez - Queens, NY

Love how they do my hair. The environment is relaxing, you feel welcomed and comfortable. The hair stylists are all great and very pleasent. So who ever does your hair, you will be in good hands. I’ve done by hair there 3 times and all 3 times I was always pleased with the outcome and experience. One of the times I went, I brought my family so they can do there hair as well. 5 of us in total and done fast. The only one who took longer was my grandmother but that is because she was doing a straightening treatment (not sure which one) and was coloring her hair. Definitely recommend. via Google Review

Adrianne Colon

This is the best salon ¬†in Brooklyn I swear I was surprised at first how good they’re all are, I personally like how Nic and Joe do my hair, they know what they’re doing, Such a great service and it’s not expensive. They’re awesome, love them. I highly recommend this place. via Yelp

Lisbeth B. - Brooklyn, NY

Really had a great experience here! Kim( I think that’s how you spell it) was great at helping me understand the process of balayage! I wanted to give my hair some summer colors and he understood exactly what I was looking for, even when I didn’t know how to express it clearly. All my doubts were gone, and love the result! He really took his time and made me feel comfortable during the whole process! via Yelp

Loved the whole experience at Cutting Crew!
Loved the whole experience at Cutting Crew!


Lena C. - New York, NY

I live in the nabe and my roomie gets his hair cut here regularly by Kim. ¬†I was jonesin’ for a haircut since I had just gotten my first keratin treatment but I really didn’t want to go into the city nor drop $75+. ¬†8th Ave is riddled with salons so picking one was quite a task. ¬†Upon consulting Yelp, I decided to spring for a cut with Nic. ¬†I showed up bright and early on a Saturday morning and did the damn thing. ¬†The salon is clean and modern with simplistic decor. ¬†When I first walked in there was some woman who didn’t bother to greet me nor say anything sitting in the receptionist chair. ¬†Turns out she was a friend of the stylist and didn’t work there. ¬†However, another stylist greeted me immediately after and directed me to Nic. ¬†(For those of you wondering, language is not a barrier here but I believe most of the staff is Chinese.) ¬†I was washed and consulted before Nic went in with the scissors. ¬†I’m usually very trusting of stylists, sometimes to my own peril, and Nic gave me a fantastic haircut. ¬†He cut my hair dry, which I’ve never had done before, but he also educated me that for someone who was just getting a trim this was the best method. ¬†Best of all, the cut was only $22! ¬†Sunset Park, oh how I love thee.

I may return for keratin and possibly balayage. via Yelp

Nisa N. - Brooklyn, NY

Highlights with Joe! Natural Black to ash blonde perfected.
Highlights with Joe! Natural Black to ash blonde perfected.

Vivian B. - Staten Island, NY

I was amazed by how absolutely talented and thorough Kim the hair stylist is! The entire staff seems great but I would like to tell you how attentive Kim was to my hair and how during the whole hair coloring process he did an exceptional job. During the color wash he massaged my scalp and gave the BEST HEAD MASSAGE ever and afterwards his attention to styling my hair resulted in this beautiful look! Thank you KiM! via Yelp

Janu P. - Brooklyn, NY

I strongly recommend this place. They do really good jobs with my hair. My hair is curly and gets a little frizzy when it’s raining outside.When I went to Cutting Crew to get my hair done, I came out in the bad weather, my hair stayed how they did it. I recommend anybody to go to Cutting Crew. The really know what they’re doing. And they’re really good at it. via Facebook

Johanny R Betances

Most amazing hair salon over the top great . I didn’t get the name of my hair tech but he was amazing and I can see that all do a great job . I love this place !!!!! via Facebook

Chantell Carranza

Walked in on Sunday morning and walked out with a nice, clean haircut! Staff was friendly and courteous, and followed instructions. Saloon was clean and well-maintained. Haircut was also affordable at $18, including shampoo and cut. I’ll definitely come back to the neighborhood for my next cut. via Yelp

P L. - Chevy Chase, Washington, DC

Kim cut my hair and he was excellent. He was kind and understanding and took his time not only consulting with me to make sure I got the cut I wanted, but also took his time all throughout the cut. Besides a precision cut, he gives a great scalp/neck massage while washing. I’ve definitely found a salon to call home. via Yelp

Laura A. - Downtown Brooklyn, NY

Thank God no more overprice and underwhelming hair cuts for me anymore. I work in the area and a coworker came to work with an amazing haircut so I tried them out. I was nervous because I love my hair and have long hair but I was very happy and now only go here. All the guys I have been to are great and it’s 30$ for cut and blow dry! via Yelp

Frosso J A. - Valley Stream, NY

In love with this barbershop!! Just one visit and I was hooked. From their awesome logo to their unique style of cutting hair this little shop will not dissapoint. Been going here for almost a year now and I recommend #cuttingcrewny¬†to everyone I know. Everyone here is so nice and friendly! I’m a regular customer of kim‘s and I must say he is hands down one of the best hair stylist I have had the pleasure of meeting. via Yelp

Fabjon A. - Brooklyn, NY

This is my go to haircut place, living in this neighborhood! I’ve been regularly getting my haircut at this location for over a year now.

Let me tell you.. The first time I went, I didn’t know what to expect and the female who works there (possibly the owner? Not positive) had cut it. She surprised me and gave me something similar to an undercut! Not that my hair is hard to cut– it’s just that I have very coarse hair. She cuts my hair pretty quickly, 15 minutes tops? This is including rinsing, and shampooing.

There’s also a guy who has cut it! He’s definitely more attentive. Wish I had asked what his name is lol but most of the time I get him. He is VERY attentive and pays close attention while trimming the top of my hair.

The price isn’t bad, but it’s not your cheap Asian barber shop in the late 40s-50s. The place is very clean and has a modern interior, which is why I really love to come back. You just feel fresh walking out hahah.

The problem is… when I go back to college in the midwest, I don’t have a barber who knows how to cut it properly with my hairline :/ via Yelp

Avery L. - New York, NY

This is my first yelp review and I felt the need to write something about Kim.

My best friend urged me to try to do a balayage for my birthday. If it turns out good, she would come to this salon to do it too (basically, I was the experiment xD). I made an appointment and I didn’t ask for a specific hairstylist, but someone who knows what they are doing. The first time I walked in, I was greeted by Kim.

Kim was very friendly and funny. He was attentive to my hair during the process of balayage. Usually when I go to a Chinese hair salon, my heart is racing and I’m praying to God that they don’t burn my hair off. But with Kim, I was relaxed and confident. So I did a wild purple balayage and it turned out to be very beautiful. Kim has done an exceptional job on my hair. My friends loved it and I got compliments from strangers too.

I didn’t realize it took 5 hours for a balayage. So I rushed to pay and I completely forgot to take my water bottle. The following week when I returned to get hair treatment, I found my water bottle on the shelf. Kim actually kept it for me. I thought to myself, “WOW!! such great customer service!!”

So I highly recommend Kim to anyone who loves to dye their hair in extreme colors. Right now my hair is so ready for comic con!! I just need someone to take me…anyone?…..anyone? hehehe. via Yelp

Jennifer C. - Brooklyn, NY

So I came in here w my sister, I got the balayage and I wanted it to be like silver/blonde color. Joe was the guy that took care of my hair and after 5 hours, my hair turned out orange-y blonde instead of the silverish color I wanted. SO joe offered for me to go back and told me he would fix it for me. I went back two days later, and after 4 hours of correction, MY HAIR IS NOW PERFECT. I tried to pay Joe but he refused and said he would fix it for free. This place is perfect and joe is super nice. He speaks english and Cantonese well so you don’t have to worry about being bored. It’s also quiet in here on weekdays so it’s perfect if you don’t like crowded places. The bathroom is super clean too so that’s a plus. I don’t think I’ll go to any other salon after coming here! via Yelp

My room has bad lighting my hair is on point
My room has bad lighting my hair is on point

Nicole J. - Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY

Finally, after years have found a hair stylist that pays so much attention to every detail whether it is coloring, highlighting or just cutting and styling your hair. Wonderful experience with Kim, highly recommended. He made me feel so comfortable, took his time and after several years I got the perfect haircut! Was so patient and listened to exactly what I had in mind. Will def keep coming back to him!!!! via Yelp

Reem S. - Manhattan, NY

Overall good cuts/dyes/prices. I’ve tried 2/3 of the hairdressers here and liked both outcomes of my hair! They were very attentive and gave me the perfect haircut that I asked for only $28. Not cheap, but definitely better than my previous $35 haircuts. I would definitely recommend this place and would definitely be coming back. via Yelp

Anna Z. - Brooklyn, NY

Recommended by a friend to come here to do Balayage ! Love how Nic is so patient during the whole process of dying my hair, so nice and friendly! Took his time and I did not felt rush in anyway. Great pricing ! Will definitely be my new to go to salon! via Yelp


Juey W. - Brooklyn, NY

Best haircut I’ve had in ages. I wanted to keep my hair long, and bring in some body and Joe did just that. I’ve already recommended this salon to a bunch of friends ūüôā¬†via Testimonial Input Form


If you want quality service with precise attention to details stop by here and ask for Joe! via Yelp

Tel V. - Brooklyn, NY

After my best friend has done her hair purple balayage ombré I was very impressed with the outcome. I finally had the courage to trust a salon to do my blonde balayage ombré. Which I absolutely love! Kim does his magic with hair! via Yelp

Blonde balayage ombré by KIM.
Blonde balayage ombré by KIM.

Lillian H. - Bath Beach, Brooklyn, NY

Walked in on a friday afternoon and place was quiet and perfect if you don’t like crowded places. ¬†After years of moving from salon to salon for every cut. This place made a regular customer out of me. I found a hair stylist that pays so much attention to every detail whether its coloring, cutting, and styling your hair. Nic made me feel comfortable, took his time and after several years i got the perfect haircut. I’m happy that he was patient and took time to listen to exactly what i was looking for.
Hopefully the great customer service remains the same even during my next visit. via Yelp

Preet K. - Downtown Brooklyn, NY

I just moved to Brooklyn a year ago and I was on a search for a great colorist. I booked an appointment with Kim for coloring. Kim was very attentive and you can tell he had many years of experience.  He really listened to what I visioned and executed it perfectly.

Kim was also kind enough to stay later than his scheduled hours to make sure my hair was perfect. That is dedication and great service!

The place is very clean and modern.  Not a huge place but it is neat and organized.

I highly recommend Kim for color and just all around good service. via Yelp

Bina S. - Brooklyn, NY

Took my sister here for the first time and she loved it! She wouldn’t stop talking about how straight her hair was for days lol.

10/10 would bring my sister here again. via Yelp

Christopher R. - Brooklyn, NY

Nic did such an amazing job with my hair. The process was long, but he didn't get lazy, or anything. Defiantly will come back
Nic did such an amazing job with my hair. The process was long, but he didn’t get lazy, or anything. Defiantly will come back

Anna S.

I have never given a review in my life but this salon deserve it. Kim you're my HERO.
I have never given a review in my life but this salon deserve it. Kim you’re my HERO.

Momna A.

I found this salon through Yelp and thought I’d give it a try with all its good ratings. I booked an appointment with Kim the same day I called for a Monday appointment in the late afternoon for a trim and balayage highlights. ¬†I showed up a few minutes late, but Kim was kindly awaiting my arrival. ¬†I got seated, he took my jacket, and we had a quick consultation on what I wanted and what he recommended. ¬†He was really accommodating, making sure I was comfortable throughout the process, and he really took his time painting the balayage highlights. ¬†If you’ve ever seen videos on Guy Tang’s hand painting technique, I’d say Kim has a very similar style. I have black hair, so I opted for a caramel brown balayage. ¬†The only thing I wasn’t expecting was the amount of time I spent at Cutting Crew, but it was totally worth it for Kim‘s perfectionist ways. ¬†The trim I got was exactly what I asked for – just a simple few inches off and a straight cut. ¬†I normally have a fear of getting my hair cut or done due to previous bad experiences with scissor-happy stylists, but Kim was very professional and offered his own opinions on how to improve my look. ¬†I will definitely come back here again in the future! via Yelp

Kat S. - Roslyn, NY